ButtonZero User Guide

User guide for the long term debt market featuring zero liquidations, zero margin calls, and zero coupons. Lend and borrow at a fixed term and a fixed rate.

ButtonZero is an overcollateralized borrowing platform created by PRL.one. It offers users the ability to borrow cash (USDT), using their cryptocurrency holdings as collateral (ETH, wBTC, AMPL), at a fixed rate with zero coupon payments, zero liquidations, and zero margin calls.

This pages to follow will serve as a user guide, including a how-to guide and explanation about the protocol.

Visit the application at https://zero.button.finance/

Note: Terminology in fixed-income finance can trip users up. To clarify:

  • The "Borrower" of a bond = Bond Seller = Bond Issuer = Debtor

  • The "Lender" of a bond = Bond Buyer = Bond Holder = Creditor


The following sections contains user guides showing processes for workflows in the ButtonZero application. If you click into any of the pools you will see additional information of the related tranche pool:

pageBorrow (Sell & Ask)pageLend (Buy & Bid)pageRedemption

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