ButtonZero User Guide

User guide for the long term debt market featuring zero liquidations, zero margin calls, and zero coupons. Lend and borrow at a fixed term and a fixed rate.
ButtonZero is an overcollateralized borrowing platform created by PRL.one. It offers users the ability to borrow cash (USDT), using their cryptocurrency holdings as collateral (ETH, wBTC, AMPL), at a fixed rate with zero coupon payments, zero liquidations, and zero margin calls.
This pages to follow will serve as a user guide, including a how-to guide and explanation about the protocol.
Visit the application at https://zero.button.finance/
Note: Terminology in fixed-income finance can trip users up. To clarify:
  • The "Borrower" of a bond = Bond Seller = Bond Issuer = Debtor
  • The "Lender" of a bond = Bond Buyer = Bond Holder = Creditor


This section contains user guides showing processes for workflows in the ButtonZero application.