Create an Auction

Create an Auction for any pair of ERC-20 Assets

Creating your own Auction has never been easier. It just takes three simple steps:

  1. Select Create Auction. Then choose the Sell Asset, and the Buy Asset.

    1. If your desired token is not in our token list, simply paste the token address into the search bar. Token addresses can be found on trusted websites like and, or on the protocol's website.

  2. Set the price range

    1. The minimum price will be the lowest price a bidder can 'bid' on the asset.

    2. There are 100 ticks in every auction. Each tick is spread out evenly. The 'tick width' determines the gap between each tick, or bid/ask order (if tick width = 1, then you could place a bid at 4 and 5, but not at 4.5)

    3. The max price will be automatically calculated based on the minimum price and tick width

  3. Select an end date. This will determine how long the auction will run.

After making the relevant confirmations and approvals, your auction will be live. Feel free to spread the word in the Buttonwood Discord.

For new users, you can toggle to Goerli Testnet to get comfortable before spending the gas on mainnet.

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