Add Liquidity

You can add liquidity to an existing pool in two different ways:

  1. Double-asset: Depositing liquidity for both assets of the token pair

  2. Single-asset: Depositing liquidity for the asset with less liquidity, further balancing out the pool

#1 Double Asset Deposit

  1. Select the desired token pair

  1. Input the desired liquidity. The swap ratio (marginal price) is located under the pool ratio.

  1. Review Pool Information. Select Supply.

You have added liquidity to the pool and will receive minted LP share tokens that represent an ownership stake of the pool.

#2 Single Asset Deposit

Users can earn LP shares by depositing single-asset liquidity when a pool is unbalanced (when one reservoir holds tokens). The UI will show 'Token Imbalance' once an imbalanced token pair is selected. (Note: Users can continue to add double-sided liquidity to imbalanced pair as long as the deposits are in proportion to the swap ratio).

  1. If the pool is unbalanced (meaning one reservoir > 0), the UI will show a Token Imbalance. Press 'Done' to continue.

  1. To deposit single-sided liquidity, press toggle to Balance Pool.

  1. Enter the desired input amount. The Max deposit results in a balanced pool, and two empty reservoirs.

  • Add liquidity

  • Add liquidity to an existing position

  • Add liquidity to an imbalanced pool

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