Mint Tranches

Mint Tranches using Tranche client or contract (Etherscan)

Users can mint tranche tokens in two ways: using tranche client, or directly on Etherscan (contract). The main reason to mint tranche tokens is for liquidity providers (LPs). After minting tranche tokens, LPs can deposit them on Uniswap to earn a portion of trading fees.

To mint tranches through Etherscan, follow the directions here.

To mint tranches via tranche client, simply

  1. Go to the Tranche client and Connect Wallet

Now users need to find the pool they would like to provide liquidity for. The first two decisions to make are:

  1. Asset: If you want to tranche "wBTC" you would select one of the "bWBTC"

  2. Bond Maturity: If you want tranche tokens for the bond maturing in ~one month, you would select the relevant asset with 33 days maturity date.

Users then decide on the amount they would like to Tranche, and are provided with the amount of Tranche A, B, and Z tokens.

LPs can then take their tranche tokens to, and deposit liquidity at their ranges, or go and place an Order on

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